Video projector setting-up

Now that you’re a video projector expert, it’s time to think about different ways of installing your video projector in your screening room.

This seems quite obvious but it may turn out to be a real puzzle if you want it to perfectly blend into your fancy interior decor.
This article will show you the perfect solutions of integrating a video projector in your Home Theater.

On the table

This solution is the easiest and the cheapest to implement. It’s perfect for occasional use. However, If you wish to use your video projector several days a week, make sure that the perfect spot isn’t the coffee table (it’s often too low and to close to the wall and prevents getting the big image that you’ve been dreaming about). Yet, you could always use the shelf at the back of the room. But make sure that the video projector to the projection screen angle is right to avoid any image distortion.

Finally, think about how you’re going to connect different devices: ensure that you’ll be able to run the cables from the AV source to the video projector without hoarding the movie room and stumbling upon them. The short-throw video projector that solves these problems is Screeneo from Philips. You can get the big screen with very little distance from the screen. Unfortunately, this model offers only HD Ready (720p) resolution.

On the wall

Setting-up your video projector on the wall could be a good solution if the opposite wall isn’t too far or too close to the projection screen to get the desired size of the image. Thus, to make the projector blend into your decor you can run the cables along the walls to connect them to the Audio/Video source.

On the ceiling

This solution is the most commonly adapted in Home Theaters. The merit? More liberty in choosing the perfect spot for the video projector.
However, the projector remains quite visible. Tip : for better screening experience, put the video projector as far from the projection screen as the zoom allows it to avoid hearing any noise coming from it. What’s more, you will forget that the video projector is still there.
This solution requires a more time-consuming installation process but it provides much comfort in terms of style and every day practical use.

If you find the on-the-ceiling solution not discreet enough, you should know that the latest video projectors perfectly match with your room design. The All In One HC (AiO) video projector is the ideal example thanks to its white and mat elegant surface.

Video projector in the false-ceiling

The ultimate solution for your video projector set-up is concealing it inside the suspended ceiling with a recessed motorized video projector mount. It brings exceptional character to your Home Theater and you’ll wow your friends every time they come over for a movie marathon. This solution is most commonly applied in Home Cinema projects. It guarantees not only style but security as well (in terms of dust and robbery). For instance, our AluLift motorized video projector mount is at the same time an affordable, design and easy-to-set-up solution.