Tips and tricks: your AV room set-up projects

Equipped with the same devices and using similar solutions, a screening room could become both communication and decision-making but also relaxation area.
Companies and individuals wish to integrate the latest technologies into their households. However, they expect them to smoothly blend into the decor. It’s possible to build a spectacular Home Theater or a meeting room by taking into consideration some key factors. As a result of our brainstorming, we listed 3 most important aspects.

Projection Viewing Room

What to think of before building a projection room

High-quality screen

A screen is a crucial element of your Home Theater entertainment system. The main advantage of the LCD/LED display is the brightness it provides (especially effective when watching a movie in a bright room). Unfortunately, their size is limited to approximately 2m (79’) width (not mentioning the price that comes with bigger sizes).

That’s where the video projection system comes in. It’s price vs size ratio makes it really affordable and brings the real theater experience to movie lovers without even leaving the sofa.
For professional use, speakers are finally able to give powerful data presentations and the audience can at last read all the previously illegible small numbers in Excel cells.
In addition, the video projection system is the most discreet way to enjoy the big screen experience in any type of interior. The wall surface is kept untouched, photos and paintings enhance the decor while the big black rectangle is no longer in your sight.
The video projector and the video projection screen disappear completely when the system’s off, especially if it’s recessed in the false ceiling. Even if some users fear that a projection screen might not match their interior decor, the quality of the video projection screen viewing experience is incomparable to the wall display.

Appealing and efficient equipment

Audio/Video devices seldom blend into the setting. They are often quite massive and unattractive. What’s more, too many cables and wires hoard the design. Tired of omnipresent knots? Your clients can benefit from smart and modern solutions. Click here to learn more


Many users find building a viewing room challenging. It’s a stereotype. A new client-friendly approach successfully breaks it down. We put ourselves in clients’ shoes and create manuals with a maximum of straight-forward, easy to follow images and a minimum of technical language and confusing expressions.

You don’t have to be an engineer or a geek in order to set up a modern screening room. We will help you keep up to date with the latest trends and solutions in the Audio/Video world. The following articles will go more-in depth with the matter.

Meeting Room with Video Projector