Setting up a video projector

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It’s quite easy to imagine where to set up a video projector in a movie theater. A screen, some seats, and at the back - the video projector. However, most people keep much more items in their potential Home Cinema rooms than four chairs and possibly an armchair. A coach, a bookcase, a table, a plant, a soccer table, a soccer field… The list is endless. But how and where should you set up a video projector in such filled to overflowing and often unusual areas? 

On the table

The least expensive solution is to put your video projector on a table or on a shelf. You only need to make some room in front of the screen and take some time (patience required!) to adjust the throw in order to get the rectangular instead of “trapeziumish” projected image. Every time you move the table you may mix up your display preferences. What’s more, you might stumble upon the wires hoarding your room.

Vidéoprojecteur posé sur une table


On the wall

This solution is often used in classrooms and colleges because a short-throw video projector is often required. Installing your video projector in this way helps to avoid shadows thanks to a short distance between the projector and the screen. However, it sets the very “I’m going to work” mood which is intended and even necessary in an office but is quite inconvenient during a romantic evening in your Home Theater...

Vidéoprojecteur fixé sur un mur


On the ceiling

The advantage ? You’re utterly free to place your video projector wherever you want. The longer the distance between the screen and the projector, the bigger the projected image. However, if you wish to install your video projector on the ceiling, it will remain visible and may ruin your unique room design. People who care a lot about aesthetics and harmonious decor prefer recessed AV solutions that require very little false ceiling height (click here to get the idea). They guarantee a discreet Home Cinema with plenty of character.

Vidéoprojecteur fixé au plafond


A motorized video projector mount brings style and performance. The latest innovations in the field provide clients with efficient and easy-to-set-up systems. To better understand this concept, feel free to check out this video: (product AluLift).