Concept Floor Manual

Portable projection screen


Portable projection screen Concept Floor Manual

You would like to enjoy a big image, without endamaging your wall or ceiling ? The portable projection screen Concept Floor Manual is THE solution. Thanks to the 2SR patented system, the screen unrolls and rolls back up in a second. A wide black lower edge, helps adjusting the image to the desired height. The ultra-compact black-laquered aluminium housing, is easily hidden in a corner, staying discreet while not being used.

Whether you are home, at the office or on a trip… The portable projection screen Concept Floor Manual will accompany you, to enjoy your movies and PowerPoint presentations on a big projection screen, wherever you are.


What makes the Concept Floor projection screen so special ?


Compact and light
Once folded, the Concept Floor Manual portable projection screen fits easily almost everywhere! The ultra-light conception, makes it the lightest portable projection screen ever designed.

3 secondes on the stopwatch !

The “2SR” patented pantographe system enables an instant putting up.

Lay the housing on the floor, ajdust the image to the desired height and let the projection begin !



The Concept Floor Manual projection screen is as a fun-filled way to enjoy your movies on a big screen, as useful for your professional présentations.


A cinema… At home !

Why choose Concept Floor Manual projection screen ?



2SR System, simple and quick
Compared to traditional projection floor screens, the Concept Floor Manual includes the 2SR patented system. While a tradutional Pull-Up projection screen is forcibly enrolled being 30cm away from the casing, the Concept Floor Manual is silent from end to end: it provides screen height adjustments until the last millimetre. The screen can also be adjusted to place Concept Floor Manual on a table or a piece of furniture.

An Ultra-compact and Light-weight Design
Compared to Pull-up screen mecanisms which are often heavy and imprecise, The Concept Floot Manual is increadibly precise and provides height adjustment possibilities with millimetre accuracy. Furthermore, the screen has been designed to be a true featherweight : No more than 10kg for the 2m base version.

Neat and bright images
A projection screen - as light as it could be - is useless if the images are unsatisfying, or if the screen is not flat enough. Thanks to the combination of the 2SR mechanism and our canvas especially designed for the Concept Floor Manual, The projection surface is maintained perfectly flat. The projector’s optical properties provide optimal color-reproduction.





Watch the Concept Floor Manual projection screen video