Audio/Video Means Of Transmission

Audio/Video synchronization solutions have been in existence for many years. Synchronization and Home Automation are quite related to one another.

Today, more and more people desire having complete control over their homes in terms of security and comfort. There are many Home Automation devices that help remotely synchronizing different elements such as lightning, temperature or blinds. However, Audio/Video remote command solutions may seem quite confusing for amateurs.

Historical leaders in the sector - Crestron, Ventage or AMX - are the most famous Home and Business Automation brands. The marketplace has become high-end-oriented for this type of integration systems because the overall cost often exceeds 100 000€ ($111.000).

Recently, brands such as Control4 or RTI have introduced more affordable solutions. They made audio-video synchronization devices more accessible, including other Home Automation elements. They comprise, among many others, security equipment, such as video surveillance or lightning.

Lower-end solutions start at 1 000€ ($1.100). However, you may have to spend at least 13 000€ ($14.500) for the whole system. Every time you wish to add a new element to your integrated automation system you need to call a professional. This definitely takes away the joy of fully benefiting from this practical and useful Home Automation system.

American company ThinkFlood developed products that allow the command of multiple electronic devices via an IR remote.

This is a truly convenient and affordable solution. However, your guess is right. ThinkFlood, the company that was stuck in the past, had to shut down. You may still find some of their products on Amazon or eBay but most likely they’re incompatible with most devices as the IR code varies from on producer to another.
Those, who simply wish to synchronize only a few audio/video devices can cheer up - there are affordable and easy-to-set-up solutions. We, AV Concept Products for instance, developed the Co3-B synchronization module. It helps users to initiate the video projector and put the video projection screen and video projector mount down only with the use of the video projector remote. This efficient, affordable and easy-to-set-up solution is available for 99€ ($132).