Because we use the best components


Our Screens are designed to last

When you buy a projection screen, you obviously want it to last. If your sceen is chosen properly, it can outlive several projectors.
Projection technologies are in constant evolution, when the lamp is used out that generally means it’s time to change the projector itself every 4 to 5 years. If your screen is correctly chosen, it can offer a loyal service for 15 years from the purchase.

Only if you choose your screen wisely, you will benefit from your projector’s best performance on the long run.


Projection Surface

Surfaces entirely dedicated to projection
The projection surface is made of a special material with specific optical characteristics.
Projection screen manufacturers rarely make their own surfaces.
They are supplied by factories specialized in manufacturing surfaces / fabrics / PVC used in many other industries. This implies compromises in terms of charactéristics, since a fabric used for projection, can also be used for many other domains.
To offer the best performance, our surfaces are supplied by factories exclusively specialized in projection fabrics.

The Three-layer projection surfaces
The manufacturing technology is based on flattening 3 different layers : The white susbstrate magnesium carbonate based (for projecting), a weaven layer of fiberglass that offers the best result in terms of flatness and longevity compared to standart projection screens.
And finally a black layer that works as a “blackout lining” and keeps the surface occulting. The fiberglass layer is what makes all the difference in terms of resisting to aging and temperature variations.

Special anti-yellowing treatment
The surface of a projection surface is naturally time-sensitive, and just like the paint on a wall, it turns yellow over time if not treated correctly befohrehand. Without realizing it, projected colors tarnish and images lose their brightness.
This is why, unlike the traditional surfaces, our projection surfaces are specially protected against yellowing, to offer the best colorimetric result (since the day you install it, and many years later).



The motor is the “nerve center” of your electrical projection screen.
The sound it makes and the speed of unrollment, will for the most part guarantee the final result of your installation.

Isn’t it a pity to regret - before and after each projection - not having bought a little more silent screen ? ( Especially when you are having a nice private home theater session with your friends over !)

There are two types of motors for electrical projection screens :
The synchronous motors - cheap, noisy and let’s admit it unreliable - and the tubular motors, known for their legendary resistance. In order to offer full safety, AV Concpt Products’ projection screens are exclusively equipped with tubular motors with a 5 year warranty.

Silent Motors
Low noise is one of the essential comfort criteria to be taken into consideration when choosing your electrical projection screen.
In order to offer an optimal comfort, we not only rethink our motors but also the way they are assembled inside the screen casing.


Because they blend in your interior

Today, only a few of us are lucky to have a room exclusively dedicated to projection.
At AV Concept Products, we believe that the elements composing your home theater must be designed to blend into your interior.
In other words, your devices should adapt to your interior and not the other way around.

Discreet on all aspects - Take on, Action !
An electrical projection screen should definitely be discreet when not in use.
However, many forget that the motor makes noise - which can be more or less disturbing - when unrolling the projection screen. In order to offer the best experience our motors are practically silent et make you proud of your installation in all circumstances !
( Especially when you’re having a private home theater session with your friends ! )

An elegant and compact casing
Your home theater screen casing is the first element you (and others) see when looking at your installation. Therefore, it is important to take care of the outward appearance of the device that will have pride of place on your living room for the next few years.

Our electrical projection screens’ casings are designed to offer an optimal discretion.
The Concept Floor Manual's screen casing for example was designed to perfectly fit to the surface of your ceiling, taking the appearance of a simple ceiling extension.

When your Home Theater screen is built in your false ceiling, it’s important for it to be adaptable to almost any situation. This is why our Concept Built-In Electrol screen, takes 2 to 3cm less in height than a standart built-in projection screen.